Friday, November 11, 2011

Diigo, Xmarks and Evernote

Diigo -

A very useful tool that helps you to bookmark websites. You can create different lists and bookmark the websites in different lists. So, if you are doing research on a product or trying to learn something new. Simply keep bookmarking websites pertaining to the topics and classify them into lists so that you can revisit the websites. You would say why can't I bookmark the websites on my computer. You may not be by your computer every time. Also, what if you need to work on something important and the only way to access the internet is through a cyber cafe. You can login to your account at diigo and access the urls you have bookmarked. It is a centralized hub for useful information that you have bookmarked over a period of time.

If you do not wish to bookmark entire urls, you can simply highlight the portion of text that you need and save it. You can also capture images of the section that you wish to access and save it.

Images on websites can also be saved for future reference.

Xmarks -

Xmarks is also a very useful software. If you have multiple web browsers and multiple computers that you access from different locations (for example: home and office) then this software can be very handy for you. Install it and you can sync bookmarks in the browsers so that your browser bookmarks are consistent across browsers and across computers. If you buy a new computer and wish to get all your bookmarks back on the new computer, you can install Xmarks and sync all the bookmarks down to the new machine and get going in minutes.

Evernote - Register here for Evernote

This too is a very useful tool to have all your notes at a centralized location. Download and install it on your computer. Create notebooks for different topics. You can then create different notes under the notebooks and access it from anywhere by logging in from a web browser at

Notes you edit get synchronized. You can copy and paste webpages also. Images too can be pasted.

Evernote helps you stay organized. If there is an outlook email that you wish to refer in future, Evernote plugin in Outlook will help you copy the email and add as a note in a notebook. Evernote works with almost every computer, phone and mobile device out there.

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