Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some commands you can use to check if the samba service is running

Here are some commands you can use to check if the samba server is running.

Login to machine using putty

Type ps –ef | grep smb press enter

It will show a list of samba process running, if there is a process ending with smbd it means the samba process is running

If you don’t see smbd process running then try to start the samba service.

To start samba service need to run

/etc/init.d/smb start

To stop samba service:

/etc/init.d/smb stop

After starting samba service, we need to recheck if the service has actually started by running 

ps –ef | grep smb

If the service has not started we need to check if the service is locked, to do so we need to go to folder


Then type “ll” letter L twice

If you find smb service then remove the same by running rm  -f smb command.

Please restart the samba service after removing the lock file.

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